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To give you the best salon experience, we urge our customers to follow these terms and conditions:

  • Failure to properly wash will result in either stopping to wash and blow-dry the hair or rescheduling the appointment. This will result in a $50 charge.
  • Hair must be COMPLETELY dry. A $25 fee will be charged to help dry the hair.
  • Blow-dried hair is NOT a requirement.
  • The hair MUST be completely dried, detangled, and sectioned in 6-8 INDIVIDUAL braids. A $25 fee will be charged if I need to detangle and/or dry the hair.
  • Properly detangle hair. Failure to detangle hair, or matted hair will result in a $25 fee.
  • Late Appointment Fee: I offer a 5 minute grace period. Anything after 5 minutes will be a $10 fee. After 15 minutes, the appointment will be canceled.
  • The remaining balance has to be paid in cash.
  • If the client would like 3 colors and more for braids, it will go up to $15 and an additional color afterward will be $10.
  • For example: If a client wants 4 colors, they would pay an additional $25.
  • Depending on the hair, the style deposit will change. For anything over $250, the deposit will be $50 instead of $25.
  • No extra guests.
  • Deposits are good for only 3 weeks. If you have to cancel, you have to book again within 3 weeks or you would have to pay another deposit.
  • No refunds. 
  • You have 48 hours to tell me if something went left with a hairstyle and we can schedule to fix it.
  • When making appointments, please do not book on the same day as the event or any other plans.
  • Hair is not included with all services, so with the services, the client will have to provide. Please bring proper hair. Failure to do so will result in cancellation or a rescheduled appointment.
  • If you do not confirm your appointment and respond “yes” or imply that you will be there, the appointment will be canceled.
  • If you reply before 10 pm, confirming your appointment the day before, your appointment will be canceled.
  • A mask must be worn at all times.
  • No Shows: After 2 NO shows, the client will be banned.
  • The Health History Tab must be answered.
  • My salon and I have the right to refuse services for clients who misbehave, are intoxicated, do misconduct, or whose state of health may influence the effects of service.
  • The appointment must be approved by the stylist. An unapproved appointment means no appointment.
  • We allow 24 hours to have appointments requested or questions answered before contacting the stylist.
  • No Sunday appointments are allowed.
  • If the style takes more than 6 hours, evening appointments will NOT be available.
  • The contract MUST be signed and dated.
  • When booking an appointment for someone else, it will be the client’s responsibility to review policies, confirm messages, and relay information to the person they are booking.
  • Food and drinks are allowed.
  • Messages after 9:30 pm won’t be answered until the following business day.
  • We are CLOSED during the holidays.
  • NO same-day appointments.
  • If I allow you to come before business hours (before 10 am), there will be an additional charge depending on the client’s style.
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