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Enhance your true beauty with us
Your hair is your crowning glory, and Saadia Noelle is here to make sure that your beautiful crown stays healthy and marvelous!

Our hair services include:

We also offer this service:

Bohemian Twist: Hair is included
small $220 shoulder smed shoulder
small $260 midback smed midback
small $300 waist smed waist $275
small $345 buttlength smed buttlength
medium $170 shoulder large shoulder $135
medium $210 midback large midback $150
medium $245 wait large wait $185
medium $275 buttlength large buttlength $225
Soft Butterfly Locs: Hair is included
shoulder $180 Human Hair is an option, but the client would have to prove it
midback $195
waist $225
buttlength $275
Bohemian Butterfly Locs
medium shoulder $210 small shoulder $235
medium midback $240 small midback $265
medium waist $270 small waist $295
medium buttlength $300 small buttlength $325

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