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The story of how we started
Saadia Noelle

My name is Saadia Noelle. I began to have a love of beauty when I was a little girl, constantly playing in my grandmother’s makeup and wig collection. After a few bumps on the road, I decided to let go of the “rejection” I created in my head and step out on faith to pursue my love for cosmetology at 19 years old. I use the word rejection because I had the fear of constantly being critically judged by my peers for wanting to pursue hair. I attended Paul Mitchell and graduated a year later — working hard to build my clientele, my knowledge, and my brand.

Due to the pandemic, I lost my job and took a leap of faith, and started doing more cultural styles in the meantime. Since then, I have grown my clientele and knowledge of hair — and now I do hair and makeup full-time! My goal is to travel around the world enhancing every woman’s natural beauty by inspiring, connecting, and networking. I truly enjoy what I do, getting to learn about people, and making others laugh and smile, all while working for myself. I plan to continue growing my platform and then, one day, take my love and passion for beauty online.

Each year I tackle something I never thought I could do. Dream big and go bigger. I appreciate everyone who has helped me and continues to help me along this ride. Everyone I have met from my mom to my siblings, to the students and teachers from my cosmetology school, etc., has helped guide and shape me into the unstoppable human and woman I am. It’s truly amazing what someone can do once they stop caring about what others around them will think. Thank you guys for supporting and helping me build my brand!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create protective and glamorous styles to uplift, cultivate, and enhance our clients’ inner and outer beauty, all while having a safe space and peace of mind for self-care.

Vision Statement

We aim to create and capture a cultural woman’s natural beauty.

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